Player Piano System


Can you kick back and just enjoy listening your piano?  Why, yes you can!  

A Piano Disc iQ Wireless state-of-the-art player piano system custom installed to your piano will enhance the musical enjoyment for your whole family. This wireless player system is installed right here in the Restoration Center by our certified installer, assuring you of the best fit and smooth integration between the piano and the player system.

In addition to playing the piano, the player piano system has the ability to play synchronized music videos, live concerts, 24/7 streaming music radio. Additional options include recording your own music, adding instrumental voices to play along with or without the piano, and ‘quiet time’, which is playing the piano utilizing a set of headphones so as not to disturb the household.  All of these options are accomplished with the Optical module which does not change the touch or feel of the keyboard in any way.  It truly is amazing!

The wireless player piano system is controlled with a dedicated iPad which comes with preloaded music, music videos and various apps to enhance your playing experience.  Already have an iPad?  No problem, the system comes with a huge music library you can download right to your tablet, and that will earn you a discount!

Do you need to be connected to the internet to operate your Piano Disc Player system?  Nope!  The iPad communicates directly and privately with your piano through the integrated player system.  No worries about slow internet or hesitant bandwidth.

Already have a piano?  We can install a new system on your grandma’s grand piano or a new grand piano.  If you already have an old system, give us a call – you may be a candidate for an upgrade!


Stop by for a demonstration!

Just a few taps on the iPad and your piano plays for you!