Piano Evaluation

To accurately determine the value of your piano as a musical instrument, an evaluation must be performed by an experienced, qualified piano technician, who completes a physical, detailed evaluation, encompassing the instrument’s total condition.  By ‘total condition’, we mean the instrument as a whole. A technician with extensive, high-end restoration experience is intimately familiar with each individual area of the instrument.

Several Factors Considered For Piano Evaluation:

  • Make, Model and Manufacture Date
  • Cabinet Structural Integrity, Design and Condition of Finish
  • Soundboard, Bridges and Pinblock
  • Piano Action, Hammers and Keys
  • Harp, Strings and Trapwork
  • Maintenance History (if known)

Our experienced, qualified professional Technician has the experience and training to complete a comprehensive evaluation for replacement value, insurance evaluation, estate sale, purchase, damage claim evaluation and donation value.  Once the comprehensive evaluation is completed, a written Evaluation Report is produced which includes as much history as is factually known about the instrument, including historical significance, if any.

There is more to a comprehensive piano evaluation than just knowing what the piano looks like or how old it is. Age, a readily recognized name, or a cabinet that ‘looks like new’, are not determining factors to professionally and accurately evaluate the piano as a musical instrument.

Experience Counts – have your piano evaluated by a qualified professional who has 47 years of experience in piano technology.


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